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Weekend Recap

Busy, as usual. Oh, wait - that's not the full recap, is it? :grin:

Friday was hectic; we had to rush home, load up the wheelchair lift, and run it to the gentleman who bought it. Then a quick dinner, and a run down to the pond so Sweet Geek and I could discuss the mowing of same. (We now have a "maze" down there, meandering around the pond)

Saturday, we hit the Women's Shelter (got rid of the waterbed finally! and one of the extra sewing machines I had. Still need to get rid of the old TV stand/VCR/TV - next week!), then hit Home Depot. Got the cabinet to finish the Laundry Room, and got the chickens some mulch (they LOVE it. Fun to scratch in, smells nice...yeah, that's a winner :lol:) - oh, yeah, we also got some stuff to divert the water from the softener/filter drain lines OUT of the front yard. My idea was to just poke the 2 drainlines into a hose and duct tape it....Sweet Geek said NO, so we had to do it right. :grin: (My way would have been cheaper, though...:snicker:) After stopping at the local David's (canned chicken was on sale 10 for $10, as was spaghetti-os. Bluebell was 3 for $11....AWESOME price!), we installed the cabinet, dumped mulch, mowed the front yard and the horse alleyway, fixed the drainlines....and I cleaned up the pantry a bit. :whew:

Sunday, Sweet Geek mowed the pond area (lovely maze - can't wait for the kids to discover it!), then it was time for Football. (Cowboys sucked...oh, well...) I had a headache off and on all day (my neck has a crick in it'll take at least a week to work it's way out. Fun, fun!), so I lounged around on the couch most of the day.

One of the Americunas is laying.....a light brown/pink egg with blue splatters. Yes, I have a polka-dot egg! :snicker: I took some photos, but I'm not sure how they came out - I still need to download them.

Tonight is the beginning of Rosh Hashanna, so expect radio silence here until Wednesday. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year - and if I've offended you in any way, I beg forgiveness. May the new year be full of blessings for everyone!
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