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Happy Wednesday!


Previous Entry Happy Wednesday! Oct. 1st, 2008 @ 01:27 pm Next Entry
R-H was great - we had fish, with carrots, salad, wine, challah bread and lemon-apricot cake. Yum! The fish didn't last 5 minutes (I'll post the "receipe" in a bit), and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The hike to the pond was nice....the kids had gathered a LOT of rocks (guess who got to carry them? :grin:), and Zoey seemed to enjoy pulling Himself around. We found a LARGE frog in the pond...I had to insist the kids NOT hit it with the rocks. :lol: We all tossed in our "sins", then hiked back to the house.

Had a wonderful lunch today - we hit the bookstore and I got a couple of books on Aspergers. One was recommended to me (The "Out-of-Sync Child"), the other was on Parenting Children with ASD. Both look to be interesting...we'll see.

Has anyone else actually calculated their increase in grocery/gas prices? I did this morning. A few months ago, I was paying (per month) $300 in groceries and $150-ish in gas. Last month? *$600* in groceries and $350 in gas. :blink: Whoa. And last month wasn't a "restock" month, it was a regular "buy what we're gonna eat now" month. :sigh:

Back to work for me......
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