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Previous Entry Random blatherings... Oct. 3rd, 2008 @ 11:24 am Next Entry
It's finally Friday! We're having meatloaf tonight....should be interesting. :grin:

We walked all the way around the pond last night. We have lots of wee fishies in there, along with humongeous frogs. The bat house was empty.....we also have a *lot* of Monarch butterflies hangin' out near the creek. I'll try to get pics of them tonight.

Speaking of the creek...we have dead fish. LOTS of them. Not sure why - the water is flowing; sluggishly, but it's flowing. I need to figure out how to remove the bodies...they're starting to stink. :sigh:

Herself is still having problems in school. Mom spoke to a couple of her teachers, so they at least know what we're (probably) dealing with. The counselor? Haven't heard back. She was *supposed* to be gathering up the emails of the teachers so that we can "coordinate homework". WTF? She is *supposed* to, by *law*, reevaluate my child if I request it...I did, and this is what she came up with. :grrrrrrrrrr: I am letting it go for the moment, but in a week or 2 I'll be back on her case. Herself needs help *now*....but I am being patient. That's not an easy thing for me......

It's raining here......we need it!
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spin a yarn
Date:October 14th, 2008 04:56 pm (UTC)

Squeaky wheels

Email the counselor, cc the principal, director of special ed or guidance, etc. Politely remind her/him of his commitment to do this and your request for reevaluation. Repeat at least once a week until you get a response.

They are over scheduled and don't have enough hours in the day - or at least that is my experience. Squeaky wheels get attention. (Nice, polite, homey squeaks, not shrill, strident, got to oil it or something will blow up squeaks - at least at this point. Think steel magnolia, not NYC attorney.)
(spin a yarn)
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