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It's a brand new day....


Previous Entry It's a brand new day.... Oct. 7th, 2008 @ 08:56 am Next Entry
and the sun is high.....no rain today! Yesterday, a *huge* line of thunderboomers came thru - it was raining until (at least) 1 AM. We're a muddy mess, but it smelled so sweet and clean this morning. :grin:

I heard an owl this morning when I went out to feed the critters. It was...cool.

Herself had a rough night last night, so she went to bed directly after dinner. She was a little more in control this morning...good thing, since it's Benchmark time. (Report cards come out tomorrow, I think....Himself's will be good; hers....probably not so much.)

My kombucha seems to be doing well...no weird smells, the SCOBY is floating around....we'll see how it tastes this weekend. I've got bottles ready, and some frozen cherries to try flavoring some.....:fingers crossed:

Not much else to report. Just gotta keep smiling.....:grin:
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