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It's Friday....

Yesterday I kept Yom Kippur....I can't fast (I am food = passing out. Since I *have* to work....passing out at home, no big deal. Passing out while driving on the freeway...yeah.), but I gave up personal internet use, junk food, and tea. Oh dear lord, I gave up TEA. :shudder: and :grin:

Report cards came out Wednesday: Himself - straight-A Honor Roll (Of Course), Herself - mostly As and Bs..with 1 75. In Science. Her current "favorite" subject. :sigh: lizard for now! :huzzah: :grin:

Still walking every weekend, sans Zoey. After the cockleburr-in-the-foot incident, we don't take her out in the overgrowth anymore. Ah, well....she doesn't seem to mind. Maybe I should make her some boots......

I'm looking for a yogurt maker. Not a frozen one, just plain yogurt. Anyone have any suggestions?

My kombucha is doing well - smells good, seems to be forming a "baby"..we'll know on Sunday when I decant this batch if it's working (I tasted it Wedensday evening - still too sweet, but not bad.). Think I'll try bottling some with cherries.....:mmmmmm:

Gotta get to work!
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