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BUSY busy weekend....

Today was a I had *3* days of business.....let's get to it, shall we?

This was the weekend for the Bedford Celtic Heritage Festival....I can describe it in 1 word: DEAD. I mean....if they hit 1,000 customers, I'll be *very* surprised (heck, if they had *500* customers, I'd be surprised!) It was just me for Clan MacLellan, so we set up my tent, put my table in with MacDuff (Sweet Geek's their State Convenor), and I set up my lovely Norwegian in the middle of my tent and went to town. I got 2 full bobbins of *lace weight* singles, and 2 full bobbins of 2-ply yarn. I had maybe.....10 demos. was DEAD. :sigh:

There was a meeting with all the Clan Reps and the Board of was a big waste of time. Basically, the Clans need to do this, that and the other....One Rep brought up the fact that the BoD spent WAY too much time argueing and not enough time *promoting*...the Upshot is that the venue WILL be changed next year, to someplace that will allow alcohol sales (not that I think that'll help, but they didnt' ask me) and....whatever. :sigh: It'll also be on a different weekend...they can't compete with TX/OU weekend. :blah:

We *need* this Festival....we only have 3 in this area; the rest we have to travel to. If this one disappears, the last one of the season would be Salado....3 hours from here. (We can't go this year...we have prior plans. :grin:) I hope they can get it together so they will be able to keep it going.....

Today was a we hit the State Fair. Ugh. Lots of walking..we got to do a "Treasure Hunt" in the Butterfly area...and saw a TON of flutterbys. The kids got a LOT of swag by answering eco-friendly questions. Fun stuff! Very crowded, though...

We also went thru the barn where the police horses are. That was kinda cool. Looked at the cars - the boys liked *that*. :grin:

I'm pooped, and have a LOT to catch up on. :whew:
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