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Rainy days and Mondays....

only, it's Thursday, not Monday, and I'm NOT, just ignore the title. :grin: Lunch date today - Whee! Taco Bell and Half-Price Books - who could ask for more?

Lunch *yesterday* was at Henk's Black Forest Bakery, a really nice little Bavarian Restaurant/Bakery. I got the Hungarian Chicken - Yum! - and supper (OK, dessert :lol:) was a slab of Black Forest Cake. It was *divine*. Sweet Geek and I will have to go there again - he's been to the Bakery, but not the restaurant.

I *might* be able to squeeze a pre-owened yogurt maker out of this paycheck..grain was $70 LESS than I allocated for...and gas has gone down.

Speaking of - has anyone else NOTICED that 3 weeks ago we had "gas shortages", but now we have a "surplus", and that the price per gallon has gone DOWN $0.70/gallon? Anyone? C'mon, ya'll are smart folks - you KNOW this has to do with the election, and the hope that consumers are too stupid to THINK about all the stuff that's been said. If the gas price drops, you'll be more likely to think the economy is OK, and therefore will spend the "extra" $$ to boost the economy.....but after the election, prices will shoot right back up, no matter which of the Republicrats gets in. (Don't forget - they told us 3 weeks ago (during the "shortage") that Ike had knocked out the refineries (probably true - I haven't looked, but it stands to reason) and that it would take a MINIMUM of 2 weeks to get them back on line...and then you have to get the delivery trucks back on schedule - there's NO WAY we have a SURPLUS in only 3 weeks. Not gonna happen - you can't refine oil into gasoline that quickly. (1 week? C'mon - YHWH gave you a brain.......use it! To go from a shortage to an overabundance?):sigh: I hate being manipulated. shopping tonight. Since I only went once last month, I am Out. I'm hoping to refill the freezer for....don't laugh....$250. Or so. I need ground meat, chicken (don't wanna cook any of mine - yet - even though egg production is down. *10* eggs Tuesday, *9* yesterday), and a few more veggies. :sigh: Hope the grocery prices have dropped - even a *little* bit will help. I've given up almost all prepared foods, and try to do everything from scratch - which has helped - but prices are still up.

Laters - I gotta reconcile my bank statement.
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