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Busy weekend (are there any other?). Short, though:

Saturday: Spent all day getting Dad's wheelchair lift assembled and installed. Stupid manufacture monkeys could have made the "instructions" more user-friendly (heck, they could have, y'know, actually INCLUDED instructions instead of 6 very blurry black & white photos), but we managed it. We then spent the rest of the day trying to find a battery to run the thing....:sigh: Found 1, the lift works, but the battery doesn't have the amps needed to actually *lift* a wheelchair. :lol: I'm working on alternatives....

Sunday: Spent all morning looking for a glass or ceramic jug with spigot (think sun tea). No luck. Cowboys sucked played - I took a much needed nap. Rebooted the Kombucha, made milkshakes, the usual Sunday afternoon routine.

Not much else to report....I need a nap, now, but it'll have to wait until Next Weekend. :grin:
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