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Previous Entry Pictures! Oct. 23rd, 2008 @ 08:18 am Next Entry
So, I have a few minutes, I have my flash drive full of photos....:grin: I give you some photos of the 2008 State Fair of Texas:

Let's start with the Butter sculpture, shall we? I don't know if it's well-known, but King Tut is currently in town...and the Fair was full of Egyptian Hiroglypics and such.

The detailing on this was *amazing* - especially when you stop and consider the medium was *butter*. :wow: We *will* be going to see Tut soon - I saw Ramses II when he was in town about 15 years ago, and it was awesome, so I want to see how Tut compares.

Next up, a view of the Butterfly Garden. This was one of the "stops" on the Treasure hunt - go ahead and try to count the flutterbys. Go on - you know you can't help yourself:

There were LOTS of butterflies out and about - I mean, TONS. It was fantastic! (I see 9 in this photo, BTW....but there were probably 50 or 60 on the tree at one point - I couldn't get my camera focused fast enough. I also couldn't capture the large yellow-and-black butterfly..he was moving too fast)

Speaking of the Treasure Hunt...it was sponsered by a local TV station (Fox 4). It was all about going green and recycling - the kids were given maps, with questions on the back. You followed the map, stopping at each point where you learned *something*, answered a question, got a stamp, and got swag (boy...did we ever get swag!) At the end of the Hunt, you were back where you started - you turned in your map, filled out an entry form, and dropped it in a box for a drawing. First prize was an electric bicycle, 2nd and 3rd were some sort of recycled plastic scooters (which were WAY cool - they looked like little bugs or something).

Himself won the drawing, and got this:

It's a Mongoose Electric BMX bicycle...and that sucker's got more bells and whistles then I can even count. :shakes head:

Nah, he's not happy or anything...:lol: I did inform him he had to SHARE it with his sister....we'll see how that goes.

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