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It's Friday....

do you know what your weekend plans are? :grin: I do.....we have to plant more green growing things, clear out the front room (maybe), tidy the shed and garage (yeah...right)...and now I have an "assignment".

Anna posted a video collection of her homestead...and I thought "Whoa! That's cool - *I* could do that!" (Instant LJ idea.....what can I say? :grin:) Only....I'm not sure how to use the video function on my camera, and I sound like a demented chipmunk when I talk (to me, anyway....:snicker:) so....I think I'll take a new batch of pictures (hopefully good ones!) and do a picture post. Might just set up a webpage and post the link.....:hmmmm:

I haven't taken any pictures of the outside of the house since we moved in way back in it's time. We've Sweet Geek's done a LOT of work on the landscape, I have a pond partially dug...yeah, it's time. Plus, we have the chicken run now, and the new horse fences....

I always find it neat to see how other people set up their properties - it gives me ideas.

In other news, I finished the first skein for Sweet Geek's kilt hose last night - 3 plies of sage-y green loveliness. I need to get the yardage on it, and wash it, and whack the daylights out of it before I can start on the hose, but progress IS being made. I've already started on another bobbin...since these are full-length socks, with tons of cables, 1 skein will NOT be enough....I'm thinking it'll take at least 3 (of the size of this one, anyway) - and possibly 4. Good thing I love to spin! :lol:
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