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Virtual tour of Barker Glen


Previous Entry Virtual tour of Barker Glen Oct. 26th, 2008 @ 01:56 pm Next Entry
I decided to copy Anna and do a virtual tour of the Homstead...but I don't know how to use the video function on my camera...so, you get a photo tour instead. :grin:

The photos were taken this morning, after we cleaned up a bit...it's still not perfect, but I don't mind sharing. We're doing a LOT of yard work - there will be a gazebo in the front yard, near the pond we are currently digging out, and a greenhouse in the backyard. Plus plants...oi, the plants we have to get in the ground!

Street Street
This is the view from the front gate, down the street. The road curves right at the gate, and becomes a dead end.
House House
This is the house as seen from the front gate. It's set back about 65 feet. The black boards on the porch are from my old waterbed - we haven't hauled them off yet.
House, part 2 House, part 2
View of the front yard, showing the fence for the back yard, the pond (Himself and Sweet Geek are digging it out, and using the Kubota to haul the dirt to the back), and where we're doing landscaping. The wood "posts" are where a fence will go.
Driveway Driveway
Down the driveway, towards the horse paddocks. You can see the pool there- it's not full, as it has a leak in the liner. :sad: We're going to replace it this winter, and use *this* liner for the pond. The carport behind the pool is where the Tractor lives.
Backyard Backyard
Backyard, as seen from the side of the pool. The white dog is Bailey, our Great Pyr, the gray pony..umm, dog is Zoey, our Irish Wolfhound. Herself was cleaning up the yard
Driveway part 2 Driveway part 2
This shows how close the pool and house are - 11 feet. It was the only safe place to put the pool. It's not a problem, unless it rains..then it's hard to get the grain back to the shed.
Animal Central Animal Central
Here's the animal area as seen from the backyard gate. There's a round pen in front of the boys paddock. The "dead" space between the backyard and the horses are where the first sprayer head for the septic tank is. You can see the wooden posts where the paddocks *used* to come up to.
Shed and Chicken area Shed and Chicken area
The shed holds the critter food and Sweet Geek's tools
Chicken Coop Chicken Coop
Our coop - we'll be building another one this winter. We currently have 20 hens (and NO roosters), but I want a few more. At least 4 Laced Wyandottes, and 4 white-egg layers. The 20 hens we have now are all brown-egg layers (the Ameracunas were *supposed* to lay blue or green eggs....so far, I have brown, pink, and pink with blue splotches.
Compost Compost
Edge of Chicken run, where the compost heap has been started. This is in between the chickens and mare paddock
Mares Mares
The girls are here - there's a 10 foot alleyway between the girls and boys..we don't want any unauthorized breeding going on.
Boys Boys
The Stud Paddock - this is Dusty, my 21 year old School Master. He's a sweetie!
Mares part 2 Mares part 2
This is the "baby" - Heart. She's 18 months old. Love my fence!
Boys part 2 Boys part 2
Finn (big) and Bullseye (pony). Bullseye is Dusty's "pet".
Down the alley Down the alley
The tree is about 15 feet from the creek - our property line is another acre beyond *that*. About where all the trees are. There's a pond back there, too.
Back of house Back of house
House as seen from the alley way
Garden Garden
In between the boys and the round(ish) pen is/was the garden...before the fences were fixed, the horses discovered it...and ate it.

Well, there you go - our Homestead. We call it Barker Glen for obvious reasons..:grin:

I was *supposed* to be weaving right now - the Cowboys are playing...instead, well, I wanted to get the photos posted. :lol:
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spin a yarn
Date:October 27th, 2008 03:17 pm (UTC)

Very kewl!

You have a LOT more room than we do! And a lot more sun - that's the main problem I run into. Gardens require full sun. Fruit trees, vines, crops... full sun. I'm at a little house in what the old-timers around here call "The Wild 80"... it's 80 acres of woods (I only own 3 of it), and there's just not much for sun. I keep telling Brian we need to win the lottery and buy the field across the street - it's full sun and stretches several miles. ((Odd that we're on the edge of 'The Wild 80' like that and can look out at flatland farms on one side and deep into the trees on all the others!))

``` AnnaMatrix
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Date:October 27th, 2008 05:36 pm (UTC)

Re: Very kewl!

It's nice, but I didn't set it up very well originally. There's a lot of unused area - the acre with the pond is just about all unusable - the pond takes up most of it. It's stocked, though...

I'd love to do solar here - but the cost is just too much! We're looking into wind power...but the cheapest I've found is $11,500 :ouch:
(spin a yarn)
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