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It's a Monday...


Previous Entry It's a Monday... Oct. 27th, 2008 @ 09:55 am Next Entry
spin a yarn
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Date:October 28th, 2008 01:35 pm (UTC)


:grin: I was too...but I was intrigued. For over 3 months, I kept thinking about it - when something grabs my attention for that long, I *have* to find out about it. So, I went to Whole Foods and bought a bottle of Grape Kombucha...and...it was *weird*.

Like, fizzy grape kool-aid. Huh. 2 days later, I was *craving* it....so I bought some more. And offered it to Sweet Geek (no - it wasn't Apple-flavored! :lol:) - HE liked it, so I decided to save money and try to make my own.

A SCOBY is a "symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast". You brew up a batch of green tea, with 1 cup of sugar per gallon. The SCOBY floats on top, and "eats" the sugar. It supposedly converts it to......good enzymes or something. It also does something to neutralize the caffiene...Get Kombucha has a 7-day mini-course (free) that you can sign up for, that tells you all the ins-n-outs of it.

I don't know that I buy into all the "special powers" given to Kombucha by the.....new-agey health nuts. It's supposed to boost your metablolism, fight cancer, promote world peace, do your laundry...:giggle: I drink it because it *has* to be better for me than soda (which I don't drink, anyway - but Sweet Geek does); it's not sweet, but it tastes good - and I add fruit, so it's "healthy". :grin: The cherry is awesome, grape is good (mine's not as kool-aidy as the storebought), raspberry is OK, strawberry is really good, blueberry pretty good....I'm running out of fruit ideas (orange isn't recommended, because the acid does *something* to the enzymes), but all the ones we've tried are good.
(spin a yarn)
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