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Sad news

Forgot this. :sad: Yesterday, Sweet Geek had to leave work early - one of his aunt's inside cats had a stroke, and needed to be taken to the vet to be put down.

When they got home, one of the outside cats had been hit by a car. Needless to say, his aunt went to pieces. (She's physically 70, mentally 15)

To make matters *worse*, when he went to bury the 2....he forgot that the spot he was digging up had already been used. :sigh: His poor aunt.....

She's doing OK - it helps that she has (MANY) more indoor kitties (and even MORE outside kitties...think Elly Mae Clampitt. Ramped UP.) (And..the kitties are the reason we can't plan anything involving his moving right now. (We're working around that :grin:) We just don't have any room for that many cats.)

I am impressed with the way he cared about a cat......especially the outside (stray) one. It bodes well!
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