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Living in the Country sure is exciting...

I mean, you never know *who* is gonna come for breakfast, y'know? :grin:

I leave the house at/around 5:45 every morning. This morning was no different; I had already fed the critters, made sure the kidlets were up and moving, got myself together, and headed on out. The morning was lovely, dark, cool (only 57*!), not too cloudy - and my street was dead. I got to the stop sign, and for some reason I actually *stopped*, not just paused and turned.

I noticed *something* moving alongside the road. No big deal - this IS the country, after all, and it's not uncommon to see rabbits/dogs/cats/whatever roaming around. This looked like a slightly larger than average tubby....huh. The nose was wrong - and that's when I noticed the white stripes running down his back. :blink:

Yup - a Skunk was waddling down the road. His tail, which would have been my first clue, wasn't what I expected - it was black, with white....streaks. NOT striped, but streaked. When I first noticed him, his tail was down....then he saw my headlights. *UP* popped his tail, and he turned into the driveway of the property opposite my street, and waddled on up. The bottom of his tail looked frosted - it was gray, not black, not black and white, but *gray*. Not at all what I expected!

It was very surreal - rabbits, I can handle. Even possums and raccons - but Mr. Stinky was the first skunk I've actually seen out here in almost 5 years. And for him to be so bold in his meandering......well, I hope he's not rabid. It was also an interesting way to start the day...
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