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I am *such* an enabler....

I don't even have to *try* any more! :grin:

Seems that Sweet Geek has been enabled, not spinning, or weaving, or knitting (although weaving is still fascinating him) - no, Sweet Geek has decided that he wants - no, NEEDS - a horse of his own.

Not just any horse, mind you - what he wants is a "Pintabin" - 1/2 Arabian, 1/2 Paint. And, not just ANY paint - it MUST be a black and white paint. Mare, preferably. :snicker:

Now, he has very good taste - Painted Arabs are *gorgeous*, for the most part, but...they ain't cheap. And Black and White Paints (Arab crossed or not) are rare, and..NOT cheap. (Hey, when I enable someone, I don't go halfway - it's top-of-the-line, baby! :lol:)

We have found a place not too far from here that is disbursing their herd - ALL paints. MOST of them are Black and White, and, because it's a)a dispersal sale and b) ALL of 'em and c)none are listed as broke, the prices aren't bad (in my estimation.....more on that later, maybe). So...we have a field trip planned for (hopefully) tomorrow.

He's also looking for a saddle (he..doesn't ride English. I don't do, he needs a saddle.). I told him no helmet, no ride - so he's also got to acquire a helmet. He's already suffered sticker shock on saddle prices - he found a custom saddler. :snicker: (He thought $1500 was bad....oh, baby, wait until he sees the Billy Royal Line! $2500 - for a stripped down SALE model! :lol:)

This is gonna be fun......I just gotta get Finn broke and sold so I can play with the paint we're going to end up with. :rofl:
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