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About Did I, or did I not...

Previous Entry Did I, or did I not... Nov. 2nd, 2008 @ 05:09 pm Next Entry
say that I am a *terrific* enabler? :lol:

Saturday, we went out window-shopping for horses....I am sure you can imagine the outcome of *that*, yes?

Her name is Go Leo Inkspot...Leah, for now. She's a 7 year old mare; she had a 5 month old filly at foot, but we didn't buy her. :sad: Didn't need 2 horses..or 3. See, Leah *may* be in foal. :lol:

She's "unbroke", as far as the seller knew. She's been handled - a lot - though; she loaded easily, she lets you walk up and halter her with no problem, and she didn't put up a fuss when I put a bridle on her. I won't back her until I get my helmet...but I'm thinking she's gonna be no problem.

She needs weight - she's about 300 pounds underweight, I think - but she's pretty. Looks like a Thoroughbred - very tall, leggy, plain headed - and is very sweet tempered. She's missing her foal right now, but she's not panic-y - a *very* good sign.

Sweet Geek is a very proud Papa right now. :grin: Of course, the easy part's over...now we have to find a saddle (I ride English, he doesn't, so he has to buy one), a real bridle (she's wearing my "Frankenstein" bridle right now - perfect for training, but Ugly), her very own halter, her own brushes...:snicker:

The seller was nice and delivered her to us, so...yeah. New horse. :lol:

Sunday: We hit the big First Monday sale....didn't find any saddles, but got some ideas. I came home with 5 oz of pretty fawn Shetland wool - it's gonna become wrist-warmers for me eventually. We've spent most of the day outside with Leah...wonder why? :snicker:

Also rebooted the Kombucha (have Strawberry, Grape, Peach, and Cherry sitting right now.).

Nothing much else to report....
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spin a yarn
Date:November 3rd, 2008 02:15 pm (UTC)
Lucky you. I found two pygmy goats (a doe and a wether) for $30/pair, and LOST them. Then I found a free aracuna rooster, and LOST that. My luck isn't holding so well, it seems. At least you got your man. Er, horse.
((Personally I've always favored the buff colored horses with dark brown manes and tales. LOVE the look.))

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Date:November 3rd, 2008 02:42 pm (UTC)
Oooh - buckskins (buff with dark manes/tails) are gorgeous, but Arabs don't come in that. I have 2 of the dark brown/light blonde mane/tail mares that are beautiful....:grin:

This is the first Craigs Listing in a LONG time that we were actually able to score. Either the lister never writes back, or the price is too bad, or...something.

Goats...I'm thinking about goats. Maybe - see what you started? :lol:
(spin a yarn)
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