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Did I, or did I not...

say that I am a *terrific* enabler? :lol:

Saturday, we went out window-shopping for horses....I am sure you can imagine the outcome of *that*, yes?

Her name is Go Leo Inkspot...Leah, for now. She's a 7 year old mare; she had a 5 month old filly at foot, but we didn't buy her. :sad: Didn't need 2 horses..or 3. See, Leah *may* be in foal. :lol:

She's "unbroke", as far as the seller knew. She's been handled - a lot - though; she loaded easily, she lets you walk up and halter her with no problem, and she didn't put up a fuss when I put a bridle on her. I won't back her until I get my helmet...but I'm thinking she's gonna be no problem.

She needs weight - she's about 300 pounds underweight, I think - but she's pretty. Looks like a Thoroughbred - very tall, leggy, plain headed - and is very sweet tempered. She's missing her foal right now, but she's not panic-y - a *very* good sign.

Sweet Geek is a very proud Papa right now. :grin: Of course, the easy part's we have to find a saddle (I ride English, he doesn't, so he has to buy one), a real bridle (she's wearing my "Frankenstein" bridle right now - perfect for training, but Ugly), her very own halter, her own brushes...:snicker:

The seller was nice and delivered her to us, so...yeah. New horse. :lol:

Sunday: We hit the big First Monday sale....didn't find any saddles, but got some ideas. I came home with 5 oz of pretty fawn Shetland wool - it's gonna become wrist-warmers for me eventually. We've spent most of the day outside with Leah...wonder why? :snicker:

Also rebooted the Kombucha (have Strawberry, Grape, Peach, and Cherry sitting right now.).

Nothing much else to report....
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