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At least my Prezzie shopping just got easier...

It's hard to buy Sweet Geek stuff, because when he decides he needs/wants something, he goes out and gets it. Horse stuff, now - he has NO clue, so I have a clear field this year! :snicker:

Since neither he nor my kids read this, I can list what I have (for posterities' sake) and brainstorm what I still need. :grin:

We celebrate Hannakah, not x-mess, so...7 prezzies each. The kids love it - 7 days of gifts! I love it, because I'm spending less (by the time you figure in stocking stuffers, candy, big prezzie, and santa...yeah, this is way cheaper.)


Very into art, so most of the stuff is art/craft related.

Craft Storage Tote
Shining Stars Dragon (VERY into Dragons and astronomy)
Twisted Tie-Dye Machine
Punch Needle Set
Origami Box Set
Dragonolgy Book (with models)
......need something else.......


Legos, construction stuff, NASA-type stuff. Also still a huge Star Wars fan.

Plush Yoda
Plush Darth Vader
Plush Chewbacca (What? They were all on sale! :grin:)
K'nex Tub
Shining Stars Bunny (He has a bunny collection going)
Inflatable Boxing Gloves (You'll see why...)
Estes Rocket set

Sweet Geek:

Hard to buy for. Former Marine (are they ex? I've never heard them call themselves "ex-Marines". Hmmmm. "Once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine".) Photographer. New Horse Owner. :lol:

Marine Corp Throw
Inflatable Boxing Gloves (Couldn't resist....:snicker:) clue...........

Here's where Leah comes in handy. I can get him a grooming tote (1), brush set (2), hoof pick (3), new halter (4) new lead rope (5)...and there's his 7! :grin: Makes life easy - and I can get brushes cheap on eBay. Ditto halter/lead (which...we need anyway. I am down to 2 lead ropes, only 1 of which is actually safe. Dunno where the other 15K I used to own disappeared to).

This has, of course, given HIM ideas, too - I need brushes, and lead ropes, and a few more halters myself. He needs everything....:snicker:

Oh, I also spent 3 hours on Saturday cleaning my saddles and show bridles. I don't show anymore, but I still have all the stuff - fancy English-imported bridle, breast collar, and martingale that match my Courbette saddle, and..well, I need to start *using* them. It'd be a pity to just let them set - they are *gorgeous*, and very well made. How can I say that? Well...I figured it up, and all my "good" stuff is about 20 years old, now. NONE of them show much wear - and I DID use them, and use them heavily, for quite a few years. (I had 2 horses under saddle and showing for about 5 years...and the saddles look almost new. I took no especial care of them, either!). Sweet Geek was impressed - and that convinced him to go with an American-made saddle instead of an import. (My saddles are both German-made - but they're English, not Western. You DO get what you pay for!) I can't afford to get him a saddle, but I can get him the stuff to go with.

Of course, first things first - he HAS to get a brain-bucket before he's allowed on a horse - ANY horse. Ah, well....

OH! Both kids are now riding bikes, pretty much withOUT training wheels! Herself is completly without them; Himself is only using one. Whee!

Enough rambling - I got some eBaying to do! :lol:
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