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At least my Prezzie shopping just got easier...

It's hard to buy Sweet Geek stuff, because when he decides he needs/wants something, he goes out and gets it. Horse stuff, now - he has NO clue, so I have a clear field this year! :snicker:

Since neither he nor my kids read this, I can list what I have (for posterities' sake) and brainstorm what I still need. :grin:

Gift ideas for my crew. Family - you now know what they've got coming!Collapse )

Oh, I also spent 3 hours on Saturday cleaning my saddles and show bridles. I don't show anymore, but I still have all the stuff - fancy English-imported bridle, breast collar, and martingale that match my Courbette saddle, and..well, I need to start *using* them. It'd be a pity to just let them set - they are *gorgeous*, and very well made. How can I say that? Well...I figured it up, and all my "good" stuff is about 20 years old, now. NONE of them show much wear - and I DID use them, and use them heavily, for quite a few years. (I had 2 horses under saddle and showing for about 5 years...and the saddles look almost new. I took no especial care of them, either!). Sweet Geek was impressed - and that convinced him to go with an American-made saddle instead of an import. (My saddles are both German-made - but they're English, not Western. You DO get what you pay for!) I can't afford to get him a saddle, but I can get him the stuff to go with.

Of course, first things first - he HAS to get a brain-bucket before he's allowed on a horse - ANY horse. Ah, well....

OH! Both kids are now riding bikes, pretty much withOUT training wheels! Herself is completly without them; Himself is only using one. Whee!

Enough rambling - I got some eBaying to do! :lol:
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