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Remember Mr. Stinky?

Well....I believe that the Zoey-monster introduced herself to him this AM. Can you say STINKY DOG????? :ugh: She has been banished outside for the duration......gads, she's smelly. :blech:

Miss Leah is a sweetie. I ran home last night (I HATE Daylight Savings Time, I really do....I hate changing back to "real" time even more!), bridled her up, and took her for a walk. NOTHING fazed her - not Zoey leaping at the fence to bark at her, not the pool (the tractor shed caused us to pause for a L-O-N-G look, but no freaking out), not the Kubota (it got sniffed), not Herself on the bike, not the neighbor's cat, not the weird across-the-street neighbor...she was a perfect lady.

So much so that I stopped at the garage, grabbed my surcingle (ummm...belly band. You use it in training to get a horse used to something around their barrel, so that saddling goes easier), and slapped it on her. (No, seriously - I usually go SLOW, but her? I pulled it out, shook it (Gently - didn't want to push my luck), and on her back it went.) We went back to the round(ish) pen without me fastening it - no problems. Got to the pen, tied her up, cinched it up....again, nothing. Just a "huh" from her.

I played with her a few minutes, then pulled the surcingle off - and I pulled it off like I would a saddle. Nothing. I draped it over the gate while I took her bridle off....all she did was sniff it. :huh:

I'm lucky my helmet's not here yet - I don't want to rush things, but Dayum! I would'a been on her back so fast it isn't funny. :grin: Must.Go.Slow. I don't *know* that she's been ridden before - yes, it appears so, but she might just have had a TON of groundwork. We'll see....

Spinning: I spent an hour last night handcarding the Shetland I got in Canton. It took me 15 minutes to spin it up. :grin: It's not my usual froghair - I forget how nice it is to just sit back and rip out yarn. I have about half a Jumbo bobbin full - I plan on doing the same thing tonight, then winding it into a center-pull ball and plying from both ends. The yarn isn't perfectly even, it has some lumps (the wool....has 2nd cuts and isn't the best. I pulled most of the lumps out...some got by me, though. For $2/oz, I'm not complaining!)

Must do some real work now..:grin:
Tags: country life, kids, pets, spinning

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