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Busy, busy, busy!


Previous Entry Busy, busy, busy! Nov. 9th, 2008 @ 06:34 pm Next Entry
We have been busy li'l beavers this weekend.....hit the "local" tack shop yesterday and Sweet Geek got a complete riding set (saddle, bridle, and breastplate) for his Leah. :grin: He also bought me a mounting block (necessary - I am getting TOO OLD to be attempting to climb up on a horse!) - he is so sweet!

Today we gave Leah and Dusty baths. Dusty is now GRAY again - the rinse water was icky, muddy brown. He hasn't had a bath in at least 2 years....so, yes, he needed it. (It was *72* outside today, if you can believe it! :lol:)

OH - and Himself can now ride his bicycle WITHOUT training wheels!!!!!! Both kids can now ride!!!!!!

And, they both rode Dusty today - he's such a good horse. Yes, it was withOUT helmets - it was in the round pen, on Dusty, and I was right there. (Dusty is the ONLY horse I'd EVER trust them on without helmets - he can't buck, and he's NEVER thrown anyone.)

Tomorrow is a holiday...BIG plans there! :grin:
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