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Semper Fi!

Today is the Marine Corps' Birthday! So, Happy Birthday to all Marines, currently serving or not! of today, I have new motto:

Semper Gumby. Semper Fi = Always Faithful....Semper Gumby = Always Flexible....and it's the motto of Marine Wives everywhere. :grin: of 10:30 this morning, Sweet Geek and I made it official. It's been in the works for a while - he wanted to tie the knot on the 10th, since it's the one day he can remember. :grin: AND, it was the best way to ensure cake on his anniversary. (I make a Birthday Cake for the Corp every year.....:lol:)

He wanted the kids there, so I called them in at school (and told them it would NOT be a habit :lol:).

It was short and sweet - we hit the JP's office. The rings are celtic, from Ireland (Irecrafts on eBay - prices are surperb, and the quality is Awesome!).

Anyway, I'm off - we've got stuffs to do!!
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