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It's Nov. 11

so, you need to go thank the Service Men and Women that you know for their sacrifices and service for our great nation. (Hug a vet, OK? :grin:)

It's overcast and rainy this AM......BIG thunderboomers were rolling thru as I drove into work. :shudder: I *hate* driving in the middle of a storm..and these were pretty intense.

Still plugging away on my wrist warmer. I need to get it done so I can get back to work on Sweet Geek's sweater - now that the "curse" has been circumvented (you know the one - "don't knit him a thing until you get a ring" - meaning that you put a lot of effort into a sweater and the guy dumps you for someone who pays attention to *him* and not her knitting :snicker:) I can safely finish it. :lol:

Thanks for all the congrats! I mentioned it in a comment, but Anna, he wanted to do it "legally", and didn't like my idea of just grabbing a few witnesses and making our vows in front of them and God. (I think it's the military training...really, I do :grin:) It wasn't worth arguing over - we'd still have to pay for a document to change my name to his.....and this was cheaper. :grin: What can I say - I prefer saving money! :lol:

Better get to work...boss'll be in in a bit.
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