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It's Wednesday...

which means Lunch Date! Yup, that'll continue...which is good. A meal sans kids - don't get me wrong, I *love* my kidlets, but it's nice to have 1 meal (even fast food) with just Sweet Geek and myself. We can talk about the kids without hurting feelings. Especially important in respect to Herself, who can't always control things. :sigh:

We get to see her doc next Thursday - which still isn't soon enough for me! The Adderall has helped control the meltdowns, but when she has them, they are *worse* (but, shorter lived.) The books are helping me cope...but it's still hard for Himself (who is usually the object of her meltdowns), here's hoping the doc has some tips for us. Or a referral to someone who *can* help. (Asperger's is NOT fun, let me tell you....:sigh:)

Re: new fingerless mitt - I'm up to the point of starting the thumb gusset, and - I can't find my cheat sheet! :snicker: It's off to google for me...I can't remember how many stitches to increase, do I inc each round, or every other....:sigh: I *knew* I should have kept better notes from last time - oh, well. It's not like I'm obsessed with these...socks are more my speed. :lol:

Got my helmet yesterday - it's nice, but not as low-profile as I had hoped. Still, it'll work - and it looks a LOT better than the Troxel models! Also scored Dusty a new turnout rug last night - I love eBay. It's an Irish import (I also seem to be fond of Ireland lately :lol:) with a list price of $180....I got it for $49.99 + shipping. :boggle: Sweet Geek was impressed - he's thinking Leah'll need a blanket, too. :snicker: (Umm...horses are addictive - *they're* cheap, it's all the *stuff* that'll bankrupt you! :lol: Blankets, and saddles, and bridles, and halters, and lead ropes, and saddle pads, and boots, and rugs, and sheets, and fly masks and and and....:rofl:)

I need to hit google, so later!
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