Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I survived the weekend...

but boy, it was BUSY. Yesterday, Sweet Geek got up early to take photos at the lake; I got up to fix him coffee and WEAVE. Bliss....pure bliss. Until 7 warp ends Snapped on the last - yes, the LAST - dishtowel. (It was the last one *before* they, yeah). I'm still trying to eek it out - I really want a hunter green dishtowel - so, the dog is still on the loom (1). :grin:

He got home about noon, so we headed out for lunch. And an oil change for Libby. Then off to G'ma's with the kids, and home again for us.

Today, he and I headed up to Sherman (2 hours) to pick up some books (Craigslist) - 30 books, 40-ish magazines, $75. :boggle: Got home, I worked with Magic (got ON her! Whee! She's feisty, I'll be taking the next steps very SLOWLY. With a spotter), he worked with Leah...and we had 4 round bales delivered. Busy!

Dusty's new blanket fits a treat - and looks good. I've got a square schooling pad cut out (out of a beautiful burgundy plaid that used to be a show cooler) for him...just need to sew it up (well...MOM needs to sew it up - I am sewing impaired. I break sewing machines.) I'm thinking of *weaving* one, next...we'll see. I really want a table runner......:hmmmmm:

The kids are shovelling out their rooms, Sweet Geek is fixing dinner (my monthly hit with a vengence...cramp city. TMI, but...whatever), and I'm about to curl up with a heating pad and one of the new books. And a movie. :grin:

(1) - Dog on the Loom = warp that's been on there so long you are sick of it, but can't quite bring yourself to just cut it off and get on with life.
Tags: blather, country life, kids, pets, weaving

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