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:whew: I'm finally at a point that I can post!

It was one of those mornings. You know...*those* mornings. Got my Jeep and trailer tags, we got the oil changed in the truck, then went to the DPS to get my driver's license changed. Because I never changed my SS info to my *first* married name, it was a no-go...unless I had my ORIGINAL SS card. Ummm....I haven't seen that in at *least* 16 years! :sigh: All because of illegal immigrants! So, now I get to spend most of tomorrow on the phone trying to either get a replacement card (in my maiden name) or get the name changed to my (first) married name. (Right......)

Thanks to the cluster-muck at the DPS, we were a little late to the doc appt. It went well - YES, it's Asperger's, NO, there's no cure, YES, we can tinker with the meds to make it go easier on everyone at home, Yes, Adderall helps, but you get "rebound" - the new drug (Vyvance) doesn't. We spent over an hour with the doc....I feel pretty good about her. We'll see.

Home again, home time to meet (HAH!) the plumber. We want to move one of the outside spigots. (He..never showed. :sigh:) I also called my insurance lady - I needed to get a new Homeowner's policy. (The old one was thru the Homebuilder, they changed carriers, and my STRUCTURE ONLY policy went to $1300/year. My lady? $1100/year for House, Tractor, contents, liability, etc. :boggle: Yes, I'm pleased. We also got Sweet Geek some life insurance, homeowners (on his house), and quotes for various other things. It was a good meeting.

I rode Magic for about 15 minutes, then rode Dusty. I survived both....thankfully! Sweet Geek got our sidewalk started - he figured out the box blade on the Kubota - and we'll finish that up this weekend. Then we have 8 trees to plant (he bought me trees! How sweet is that? :grin:) and...too many other plants to count. Our yard will be looking good!

Now it's bath time, then bed. :yawn: It's been a busy day!
Tags: blather, country life, pets

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