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Our Gov'mnt...why I love it /sarcasm

What a clustermuck this is turning into! So...after yesterday's fiasco, I girded my loins and went in to the office today, ready to spend time on the phone to get the little matter of my SS# sorted out. :snerk: Right....

The first guy (who I was on hold for 15 minutes BEFORE he answered, and on hold another 20 minutes before he HUNG UP ON ME) had to go get his manager. Yeah, whatever. The 2nd guy flat told me there was nothing he could do - I need to go to the local office, with my ORIGINAL marriage license, and plan on waiting 2-4 *hours* to get this resolved. Oh, and it'll take AT LEAST 2 weeks to get a replacement card (and....then I have to do it ALL AGAIN to get it changed to my new married name! Fun!) :bangs head:

So...OK. I call my county courthouse. See, I can get copies of my kids' birth certificates there, even though the kids were born in a different county. Should be the same for marriage licenses, yes? Only...No. :bangs head harder:

I have NO idea where the recorded license to my first marriage is. That was over 12 years, I get to go to downtown Dallas, pay to park, pay to get a certified copy of the license, go to the "local" SS office (I was told that I don't have to go to "my" office, which is over 60 miles away, I can go to one that is 30 miles away - thanks!), wait 2 - 4 hours, get my SS changed, then WAIT AT LEAST 24 HOURS, go to DPS, wait at least 1 hour and HOPE that the computer has been updated, get my driver's license changed, THEN go back to SS and do it all over again to get *it* changed to my new name.

I might be able to shave a few hours off, since I *think* I'll be able to do the 2nd name change by mail......

What really, really sucks over this is that I went into SS when Steve died, and we discussed changing my name at the time. I HAD the marriage license, I had the Death Certificate...but, no, it wasn't necessary. :bangs head: What a Freaking Hassle.......but I *have* to do it, since my auto insurance has been changed......and now I'm wondering if the IRS will process our refund this year (since the SS#'s won't match the names......:shakes head: (anything to get out of paying the $$ due to taxpayers....hey, it's a way to keep the $$ in the gov't coffers, y'know?) SS KNOWS who I am, they send the kids' checks out to ME as guardian for THEM....but no, we can't change your name without Proof. Doesn't matter you presented the proof 5 years ago - you might not be you anymore (Yea - that was actually *said*. :rolls eyes:) I'm looking at trying to get 2 more days off. From a paranoid boss who has to be *ASKED* before I make a freaking doctor's appointment...and who HATES giving us our earned time off. :sigh: This is enough to make a person go postal, y'know?
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