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The new medication for Herself? Sucks - so far. Of course, we have on only a half dose for the first week, which I am sure is the problem...but I would happily stuff her in a sack and toss her in a pond right now.

Seems we moved her (very important, have to have for school! NOT.) sketchpad from the dining table. (No, it doesn't belong there. Yes, she was told it would be moved by ME if she didn't take care of it). We have had screaming fits (I got to hear one....not fun!), throwing things, and....she....apparantly dumped BLEACH on my DOWN PARKA. My lovely, oh-so-warm-and-necessary-for-me-to-survive-winter (I am a cold-wimp. Can't handle anything under 60* - I freeze in SUMMER, people!) down parka. I think it was on purpose - how else does a bottle of bleach (kept in the GARAGE, for pete's sake!) get near my parka (kept in the front room of the house......a ways from the garage.)

Yea, I know she can't help it - her routine got changed and she went to pieces. However, we've worked on coping skills.....this is beyond silly. The last I heard, she was going to be physically carried out of the house if she didn't walk out on her own (Oh...and she was refusing to put on a coat. It's 36* this AM. Not my problem - she won't freeze to death on the short walk into the school building.)

I am very, very glad I don't homeschool her...because honestly? Days like today would put me in jail. :sigh: Or in AA.....

I'm going to dig up the doc's # and give her a call......we gotta do something, because this? Isn't working.

I don't even want to mention report cards......1 honor roll, and 1 barely hanging in - guess who's who? :rolls eyes:
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