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Is it Monday yet?

Once again, busy weekend.....

Friday, Sweet Geek picked up a truck-bed load of gravel. TONS of gravel. To the point that his suspension was all wonky, and it was fun to ride in the truck. :grin:

Saturday: Got up EARLY, got the tractor running, and started levelling the ground for a sidewalk. Ya'll city-folk are probably sitting here going "Huh? What's so big about a sidewalk?" :grin: Remember - this was a cow pasture when we bought it 5 years ago. The homebuilder didn't do any type of landscaping - they slapped the house together, and left me to clean up and landscape.

I had bought some paving stones shortly after we moved in - enough to do a pathway 2 stones wide all the way from the driveway to the front door. (They were/are 18"x18"). It was OK...but Sweet Geek didn't like it. It wasn't....right. :snicker: So.....we needed a new plan. The 12"x12" pavers we got with the shed meant that we had enough pavers to do *something*....we just needed to figure out what.

Fast forward to last week - we were playing with them, laying them out, and decided to do a 3 large, 4 small repeating pattern. Me? I'd just go out and flop 'em down....but Sweet Geek wanted to do it *right*. So, out came the Kubota and the box blade.

We worked for a few hours, but the Kubota had a low tire (thanks to the Mesquite trees I have in my backyard.) I had no air compressor, and the service station is about 2 miles down....too far to drive it. We couldn't get the wheel off (broke Sweet Geek's jack, in fact!), to Home Depot we went - and ended up with a 26 gallon air compressor (with LOTS of attachments...don't know hwat we'll do with 'em, but....we have 'em.)

Back home, we got the compressor assembled, up and running....did a wee bit more work; we laid the landscape cloth down and dug half his truck out. We broke for lunch; then we hit a local Tack Consignment store. THAT was dangerous....he walked out with a new saddlepad ($9) and a NEW helmet ($39...for a $100 helmet!). Me? I was restrained - I bought 3 square schooling pads (for $21), and she threw in an embroidered one for free - she couldn't sell it (it's a pale green with some Northern stable's ensignia on it), but I don't care - it'll sop sweat just like the others. :grin: I need to go back - she's got breeches for $30, bridles for $20, and bits - oi vey, she's got BITS. For $5. Each. :boggle: And saddles - she has a BRAND new sidesaddle for $250. (No, I don't need it...but my romantic costumer-side is drooling over it. I could wear a lovely Victorian fru-fru skirt, with a keen hat! And petticoats! With a veil! :grin:) Also Crosby's...for $125. *ahem*

Anyway, we got back too late to do anything else, so we called it a night. up early again, and went to work. We ran out of pavers, finally, but we have most of the front of the house done. We need....15 more large and...3 more small, and we'll have a path from the driveway to where it turns to go to the door. Then we need....21 large and 28 small to go from the door to the turn. We still have plenty of gravel to finish it....and it looks *good*.

I'm bushed - we're watching the game right now; after Dallas wins :lol: we'll go work with Leah and Magic. It's 70* out right now, but it's a cold 70*. Think I'll use one of my new pads...:grin:
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