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Monday, Monday...

and I'm happily sipping a Starbuck's hot chocolate. Mmmmmmmmmm, good - especially the way *my* barista's make them - they call this the "Extra Sinful" version. 8-10 pumps of chocolate, 4 vanilla.....xtra whip, mmmmmmmmmmm. :grin:

Himself rode Dusty BY HIMSELF last night. (Herself wasn't interested). My helmet is a bit loose, but better than nothing. He can walk, halt, and back by himself...pretty good for an 8 year old who just now is showing an interest. The DSM* and I agree that we need to go back to the consignment store to pick up a battered old saddle for his use (Herself can use my other saddle - it's in terrific shape, a bit too small for me, but she's got long legs. It'll work great for her - Himself is a bit too short yet for either of my saddles, and I don't want them in a Western saddle until they learn to ride without using a horn for balance.) Still need to get 'em both helmets, though...

Sweet Geek rode Leah by himself for a bit, too - they're coming along. I'm trying really hard to not to go all riding-instructor on him; he's not gonna show, just ride around. :grin:

Work is dead this week....nothing really going on, and we get to leave at noon on Wednesday. Fun, fun stuff.....I'll be googling for a center-stone for our sidewalk - Sweet Geek has decided we need a stone with Celtic Knotwork for the "pivot point" of the pattern. :grin:

Not much else going on...

*Dear Sweet Man
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