Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

We survived...

Turkey Day 2008. :whew: We also survived "Black Friday"....although we didn't do much shopping. Just hit Borders so Sweet Geek could pick up some prezzies, and Home Despot and Lowe's so he could get advice on how to fix the water problem we have in the front yard.

I have 6 dishtowels from this warp ready to be hemmed. *IF* I had wanted to baby the warp, I could have gotten 2 more (maybe) - but I snapped 3 more ends, so I quit. Life's too short. :grin: Now...what to put on the loom next?

Not much else to report. It's cold and rainy here.....:blech: Wanted to do some riding...oh, well. Maybe tomorrow.
Tags: blather, weaving

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