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I am out of commission for a while. No, I didn't fall off a horse - I wish! - I got run over. By Finn. :sigh:

See, I need to sell him - I do NOT need 2 studs - but...he's decided that he is NOT to be touched by humans. Oh, we can *feed* him, and cater to all his needs, of course, but we are NOT allowed to lay a hand on him. I had a halter on him within 2 hours of his birth, he's been trained to lead and tie, and I can pick up his feet...but I can't get a blasted halter on him now for love or money. :sigh:

Yesterday, Sweet Geek and I chased him around the pasture for over an hour, then I spent ANOTHER hour bribing him. I got to the point that I could rub his head with the halter when I quit for the evening.

This morning, we started over - he let me rub his head all over, and slide the nosepiece over his nose..but that was it. *I* screwed up - after 2 hours, I got impatient, Sweet Geek wanted to I screwed up. I grabbed a lead rope and carrots, and decided to try and put the rope around his neck - I'd hang on, Finn would quickly get tired of dragging me (yeah...I *know*....but it worked when he was 1! He's almost 4 now, though...BIG difference) and Sweet Geek could slap the halter on. RIGHT......I got the rope on him, sure enough; he took off, like I figured...only I tripped over the blasted salt block holder (my toes are bruised) he tossed his head, I lost my grip, and he ran over me. I did a couple of flips, and landed right-side up, laughing. (C'mon, if you can't laugh at yourself, you've got problems. :grin:)

The damage: My right knee has a small hoofmark on top, my left elbow has a lovely LARGE bruise on the inside of the arm, my left hip has a perfect hoofprint, and I am scraped raw from my left hip down to the ankle, with assorted bruises and scrapes in between.

Finn? Standing by the gate, laughing at me. I'll go back out tomorrow night, and start all over with the halter and bucket, and take my time. I can't sell him - or even put him up for sale - until I can catch stuff, this!

I'm off for more asprin; then it's camp out in front of the TV (Phantom of the Opera right now) while lounging around in my sweats (it's the ONLY thing I can wear that doesn't hurt) and sipping tea for the duration. Sounds good, anyway!
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