Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's Monday, yes?

I'm stiff and sore this morning. I made a mistake last night - I took a Naproxin to "help me sleep" per the DSM's orders. Sleep? HAH. I am now allergic to it - on contact. (Used to, I didn't react until the 2nd or 3rd use....if I skipped a few days between doses, I didn't react at all.) Fun stuff - it didn't get rid of ANY pain, and I itched all.night.long. :sigh: The only thing keeping me going today is caffiene.....and I'm currently out. It's only an hour 'til lunch, though.....

I switched trash services - ya'll don't care, but I need to keep track of it. I'll be saving $60/quarter by using the new company - which isn't anything to sneeze at!

The chickens are happily popping out 12+ eggs/day. We bought stuff this weekend to pickle some.....this should be interesting. :grin:

Sweet Geek planted 5 vitex trees last night..leaving 3 to be placed next weekend. I have *no* clue where they'll go - that's not my problem. :snicker:

I need to pop some more ibuprofen......
Tags: blather, country life

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