Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

In which I admit I am NOT 20 anymore...

As of last night, I am Alpo's Finn's favorite-ist human in the entire world. Oh, I am SO wonderful, and loverly, and, y'know, he just **can't** show me how much he Luvvvvs me!

As is my standard practise, I went out to do "evening stables" when I got home last night. The furkids had all been fed; I like to doublecheck that everyone is happy, the water is full and the gates are locked. (They always are). Last night, I wanted to see how Alpo Finn would react to me, so I went into the boy's paddock. He *immediately* left his dinner and came over to me, softly nickering sweet nothings at me. He paused about a foot or so from me, and began to gently nibble on my hand/arm/shoulder, all the while telling me how much he Luuuuved me, and how wonderful I was, and hey - did I use a new shampoo this morning, 'cause my hair surely does smell nice and tasty! Damn horse even let me scritch his head and ears, and rub all over his neck.....then he turned and told his Daddy off, and threatened him and the pony with bodily harm if they dared harm a hair on my head. :snerk: Damned dog-food of a horse......:snicker:

The wrist is very ouchie this morning. If it doesn't improve today, I will be paying a visit to the ER fingers are slightly swollen (almost to the point of having to remove my rings....IF it gets to that point, I will stop at the ER on the way home. Right now, we're on the fence). The bruising on the back of the hand is still small, but darker....but my thumb is numb, and the outside of the wrist (where I've broken it oh-so-many-times before) is very tender. It's also tender on the forearm, where there is no noticable bruising.

The inside of my elbow has bruised up spectacularly....and it looks suspiciously like a hoofprint. Or - a hoof *step* print. It's tender, to say the least, but not tender in a "OMG it's BROKE" kinda way. I don't recall getting stepped on (and..that's something you tend to notice; a 900 pound horse planting a hoof on you tends to stand out in your mind), but.....who knows.

:sigh: I can just see the doc's reaction now: "You a HORSE?". At least it's better than "You kicked your DOG and broke your ARM???" that I went thru a few years ago. :snicker: (The dog in question was the wolfhound; she stole one of the kids' breakfasts and I planted a foot on her backside to move her outside. My other fool slipped in the large puddle of drool, and down I went. Makes for a funny story.....)
Tags: blather, country life, pets

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