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It's Thursday...do you know where your parka is?


Previous Entry It's Thursday...do you know where your parka is? Dec. 4th, 2008 @ 07:25 am Next Entry
Yup - it's COLD outside. 36* when I got to work, with a windchill factor of 24*. This is Texas - that's COLD for us!

Got an appointment with the Ortho that did my CTS surgeries for tomorrow morning. The nurse wasn't very complimentary about my local hospital :lol: - she had "heard many horror stories - some from a nurse friend!". :snicker:

Also called the director of the ER.......THAT went well. He pulled my chart....and said "This is unacceptable - I treat my COWS better than this!" :snicker: Gotta love country boys! Upshot is that he will talk to the doctor's boss (all the docs are contract labor...I didn't know that) and repremand the doc. He might have just been making nice - but I am happy now. Even if my wrist isn't. :sigh:

It's swollen, the hand is numb, and I have shooting pains every so often. I ditched the Ace bandage, and pulled out one of my CT braces. It...helps? Maybe? and doesn't cut off the circulation. (But the swelling makes it dig into my thumb....:sigh:)

Mrs boss was nice for about...oh, 3 hours, then she got pissed at something Cyn said (we...went to the consignment store on our lunch one day, and you'd'a thought we murdered a bunch of babies or something. Seriously.....from nice and semi-happy to pissed off in 2.3 seconds.) Today should be *fun*, since she had invited us to lunch before it happened (probably to hand us our walking papers....but I'm just cynical and paranoid around her. She *has* to have an ulterior motive. Just sayin') Ah, well....such is life.

Off to surf the web....for now. :grin:
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