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Busy day...

I totally scrubbed the kitchen today - getting started on the Hannukah cleaning early this year. It needed it - Himself had hit the Kombucha nozzle and spilled it all over, there was residue of cake was bad. It's all sparkly now, though. :grin:

Sweet Geek bought a new nozzle for the Kombucha brewer - the original one was plastic, and never really flowed properly - and installed it for me, and I rebooted the Kombucha.

Some friends came over to ride Dusty - she hasn't ridden in years, and was a bit nervous. Dusty is the best "fix" of nervous riders I know - and he came thru for us today. :grin:

We've done 1 doz eggs for pickling; Sweet Geek has another dozen boiling now. :ugh:

I've got to try and hem at least one of the 2 remaining dishtowels...and I gotta warp up the RH loom for next week (demo at Mom's church) AND get some fleece together. I'll do my usual demo - have the loom set up ready to go, be spinning hand-carded rolags, explain the whole shebang, have simple drop spindles so folks can try it for themselves, and my old handcards so they can try carding wool. Should be fun....:lol:

Wrist hurts, so I'm done..
Tags: blather, demos

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