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It's Tuesday...

and I have a lunch date with my hubby! :whee:

Got the warp measured for the RH loom last night - and I took photos! I forgot that I didn't have a tutorial on warping the RH, just the table looms and my (former) jack loom. I'll finish warping (and photo-taking!) tonight.

The project? Placemats. 8 at 13(ish)" wide and 18(ish)" long. The warp is 6(ish) yards - I say -ish because my warping reel is a titch over 2 yards around. Close enough for weaving work, anyway. :grin:

Himself will be weaving this warp off - instead of doing it "right", measuring the weaving length to exactly 18", putting in cardboard dividers, and weaving the next one, I'm just going to let him go to town with it, then measure, sew the edge, and cut 'em apart. Faster, and easier on him (he is, after all, only 8)

I've got my spinning basket packed - the blue "demo" batts I've been spinning this year (sock yarn for *me*!) to actually spin, some washed Shetland wool (light moorit) and handcards for people to "try", and 4 hand spindles - to show "how it was done back then". My rock spindle, because that's the closet I have to an authentic Christ-era spinning tool; my CD spindle and a toy wheel spindle, to show that spinning doesn't have to be expensive, and my tiger-eye spindle, to show that - well, OK, just because it's PRETTY and you can get the gemstone rings pretty inexpensivly at bead stores, and it's PRETTY. :grin: All that's left is warping the loom (tonight) and packing the Jeep (Sunday AM). :bounce:

We're having problems with Herself...she's been lying about her homework. Doing it, I mean. She turns in half-finished work (when she even bothers to turn it in) and lies to the teacher (and me!) about it. She was *supposed* to go to "Saturday School" to make up some of the failing grades..but "forgot" to give me the paperwork, and then told the teacher that she "had chores she HAD to do", which is why she didn't show up. :bangs head: I'm trying to get a handle on her...:sigh:

Anyway...Lunch today! :bounce: (Yeah, it's with my husband - so? It's stilla lunch date!) It's beautiful outside - we had major thunder-boomers go thru about 2 this morning, so this is nice - and the temps are mild. Wrist..well, you can't win everything. :lol:
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