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Lotsa stuff today! Coworker (finally) sold her late husband's Expedition, so that's good. I found a home for my abandoned Kumihimo set - excellent! Himself is happily weaving along on some placemats for me - he's got at least 1 finished (only....5.5 yards to go! :snicker:). Herself is back on the weaving-wagon - I had to dig out an inkle loom for her, so she could do what her brother was doing. Speaking of Herself, we got her mid-semester failing notice....ALL her classes except for PE and Art. Her "highest" grade? 63. Lowest? 25. :bangs head: Yes, we've discussed it with her. Yes, we're working on it. Her problem? She forgets to turn in the homework. :sigh: Oh, yeah - and I heard from the wheel fairy.

Yes, Alden the Magnificent contacted me with a lovely photo attached - seems the wheel stork is ready to make a delivery of this:

This, my friends, is a lovely Canadian Saxony Production Wheel. 29" drive wheel, 2 flyer/bobbin arrays, with associated kates/bobbins, and 3 (I think) storage bobbins. (I hope he remembers those....ah, well - if not, I have his phone number. :grin:) (The 29" is because UPS/USPS will deliver that no problem, no extra charge. 30"..well, it costs more because of the associated box size. Whatever - it's an Amos wheel, so it'll be efficient to the max, no matter WHAT the drive wheel size is!)

I ordered this lovely back in March 2007, so he did pretty good in getting it built in a timely manner (The Norwegian? Took For-Freaking-Ever. Just sayin'). It's original purpose-of-being was to help me focus on yarns-for-sale - I wanted a "work" wheel, so that my pleasure in spinning for me wouldn't be dimished. It's also the last :cough: wheel I'll be buying, so I wanted to make sure it would do everything.

My Scottish wheel is wonderful - only, I currently have the bulky flyer on it, and use it mostly for plying. I need to do something about that; it's too nice of a wheel to be delegated to such a job. The Norwegian is for demos; it's small, pretty, and what people most think of when they think "spinning wheel". I enjoy spinning on both wheels, but that's for *fun*....

The CanSax is made for cranking out the yarn quickly and efficently. Not for lounging around spinning with my big toe. :grin: Alden and I discussed it, and he agreed that a wheel dedicated to "work" made sense - when I sit at it, I am focusing on sale yarn, not "yarn to knit Sweet Geek a pair of socks with" or "yarn to knit Himself a warm winter hat with". If that makes sense. (And, no - Alden didn't push me to order a new wheel - he was happy to discuss making me some new flyer arrays for the wheels I already have - at a much lower price. So....this was all me. :grin:)

Now, we wait on the wheel stork. :taps fingers impatiently:
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