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Update - Friday Evening

I'll be bumping them up until a)they're finished or 2)I'm in surgery.

Wheeeeeeeeeee - the kids are gone! Commence with the dancing and partying! *g*

*ahem* So, here's where we stand right now:


1. Finish Himself's project so I can take the loom with me He actually got it almost finished this AM! I wove maybe 3" before he woke up, he wove until we had to leave, then he attacked it when we got home and were waiting on G'ma. I only wove maybe 2" after he left (I *hate* to cut a warp off of the loom, especially when it's working!
2. Wind warp for table loom
3. Warp table loom 30 minutes, tops. Love pre-wound warps!
4. Prepare stick shuttle and pack extra weft yarn
5. Dust and wax AA wheel
6. Dust and wax Ashford Traveller (to sit in car until my hopeful demo buddy shows up) Actually, the Traveller is staying home - no room in the van! The Ashford Joy got picked, instead. It's much smaller, and fits in the front seat.
7. Pack wheels in car
8. Pack Loom in car
9. Pack both kates and extra bobbins (2 each wheel) in car - The Joy's are all built in, so they were easy.
10. Pack wool in car (Plus extra - don't wanna run out!)
11. Pack examples of knitted and woven stuff to show Mostly knitted, 'cause it's stuff I can wear. Only woven item is the rug for my AA.

Yippee! I'm all ready for tomorrow!

Stuff to do before surgery:
1. Finish kids bathroom (except maybe the water effect)(won't take too long - just have the space above the bathtub and the wall the toilet and sink is on)
2. Pick up living room
3. Pick up music room
4. Excavate dining table
5. Decontaminate the kitchen (if you know my MIL, you'll understand)
6. Get all the clean clothes out of the laundry room and into the respective closets
7. Dyson all floors
8. Mop all floors
9. Get dirt off of walls (thank you, dogs!)
10. Decontaminate both bathrooms
11. Change all bedding
12. Vacuum futon mattress
13. Wind new dishtowel warp
14. Weave (13) off. (This won't take long - the last batch, done to the same pattern, took 15 or 20 minutes each to weave off, once I got in the groove. 1 shuttle weaves go *fastfastfast*, and I have Thanksgiving weekend to accomplish this amazing feat!)
15. Dye Shetland yarn in 3 batches for friend's "secret" scarf. (Don't think I have time to wind it, warp it, and weave it, but we'll see. 3 colors - blue, black and very little red. 3 dyepots......I have 2. Hmmmmmmmm.)

Whew! Still lots to do, but time to do it in. Tomorrow will be fun; the kids'll be home around 5-ish. Must remember to load up crock pot so supper is ready.

Wonder how many new spinners/weavers/knitters I'll bring over to the dark side entice?
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