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Happy Birthday to Me!

I gotta say it - my 40th went better than I expected, mainly because of my DSM. Sweet Geek has gone above and beyond to make it the best birfday I have had! :snuggle:

Started with dinner Thursday - he knows how much I adore Greek Lamb; there was a wreck on the freeway, so he took me to Borders, and bought me the latest Yarn Harlot book (Fantastic, BTW - Stephenie is at her witty best, again! :lol:).

Yesterday Ms boss took me to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Mmmmmmm - Chicken Quesidillas and Brownie Sundae Cheesecake. It was Great! Cyn got me choc-covered cherries and a cute terra cotta sheepie; Ms boss got me a Fitz 'n' Floyd candle holder (x-mas....:sigh: It *is* pretty, and I'll get some photos of it, then it's going in the re-gift pile. We don't DO x-mas.) Mom got me a neat little chopper - for my laundry soap making. Herself wrote me a lovely poem....I got teary over it. (It's a wonder - I didn't expect it. Asperger's is NOT a fun syndrome....and it usually doesn't lead to thoughtfulness towards others.) Himself made me a HUGE paper airplane - it flies *great*! :grin:

Today, Herself went to Saturday School; Himself, Sweet Geek and I watched "Prince Caspian" (ummm..when did Caspian grow up? And him 'n' Susan....ICK.), then went to Starbucks. Picked up Herself, then went to the Tack Consignment store.

See....we have a slight dilemma. I, personally, own 2 saddles, and Sweet Geek owns 1. I have 2 children...2 + 2 = 4. (Don't muddy the waters by reminding me that I only have 3 broke to ride horses, and please do NOT point out that only 1 is trust-worthy enough for beginners to ride. That's just...facts, and don't matter! :lol:) So...we really needed 1 more saddle. The tack shop had a few for $125 (which is FANTASTIC for an English-made saddle), so.....we got there, and I told the owner I needed a saddle for Himself. Nothing fancy, but it had to be Quality-made, and something he could grow into. She went to a rack in the back, and pulled out a decent - but older - saddle. I can't read the name, but it starts with a "G", and it was made in England. She looked at the price, decided it had been there too long...and discounted it to $85. :yee haw: Sweet Geek grabbed it, told me to get whatever I needed.....and proceeded to pay for it. I ended up with the saddle, stirrup leathers, safety stirrups (English saddles usually do not come with either, or a girth - but I have 3 girths at home), a pair of full-seat breeches for me, 2 saddle pads, a set of draw reins, AND a nice fleece vest. What a guy! :grin:

The safety stirrups were a must - instead of being all metal, the outside piece is replaced with a stout rubber band. IF you should fall, the band will come loose, and you won't be drug. *Very* important for young riders! All that's left is for me to get each kid a helmet of their own...and they can ride at will. (I need to get Magic up to speed, so we have 2 horses I can trust. Leah is gentle, yes, but...she's a bit funny on her aids. You can't touch her mouth or I won't let the kids on her until I can get her desensitized. (That'll take...oh, a few months. At least.)

My wrist is all swollen - I had to remove my rings. I won't tell you how many typos I've corrected...I probably missed a ton. :sigh: Let's not talk about the pain, 'k?

We're now on the couch, watching Fellowship of the Ring. Well - he's watching, I'm snuggling. :grin:
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