Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Wednesday blues....

at least I have a lunch date to look forward to. :grin:

Let's see...I forgot to note that my dishwasher died Monday. Dead, dead, DEAD - the arm that is (supposed to be) attached to the top rack, that spins and sprays water FELL OFF. Broke. I called Sears - thank goodness for warranties! - but the earliest they can come out is MONDAY, the 22nd. :sigh: I can hand-wash dishes, although it's kinda hard with a brace on my wrist, but....that's what Sweet Geek is for. :evil grin:

Also, the septic system compressor is dead, and HAS to be replaced. (I...didn't realize my septic system HAD a compressor, so to find out it's dead (and only 5 years old) is....well, odd.)

Good (sorta) news: We ARE getting bonuses this year (huzzah!), but it's not much more than what we got last year. Now, I am NOT greedy - I am *very* grateful that I am getting enough to pay my taxes and do a little work around the house, but.......considering Ms. boss got $700K (no, that's NOT a mis-type) in TAX-FREE distributions this year, PLUS a large bonus, PLUS her salary....ummm, yeah. Little bit bitter here. She claims what she pays us is "more than sufficient".....right. Consider: we (co-worker and I) haven't gotten a raise since 2001. Cost of Living has increased at LEAST 12.5% THIS YEAR alone (gas prices/groceries/clothing/ I really need to spell it out?).....and we get a 2% (barely) increase in our bonus. That we will be paying taxes on (20%). Yeah. Bitter, party of one......:sigh: Also consider that Ms. boss is oh-so-chrischun........Bitter, your table is ready!. :bigger sigh:

Ah, well...I have a job (for the moment - THAT's not gonna last. I've been saying it for a few years now, but the writing is getting darker. Ms boss hates me (and my co-worker), she HATES paying us anything (because every penny she pays us she can't keep for herself)...and she's squawking about selling the company. Go ahead - she's too stupid to realize once it's gone, so is her income - she gets a salary, ALL of the profits, and a bonus each year. The way the will is set up, if she sells, the profit (IF there is one...doubtful, since we have a lot of Sec 179 IDC costs that have to be recouped for IRS reasons (drilling costs. We have participated in a LOT of wells over the years we've been incorporated) goes into the trust as PRINCIPAL, and she is only allowed "the profits of [Company] or 4% of the annual income of the Trust" - point is, when she dies, the proceeds of the Trust go to Mr. Boss's sons. (She HATES this, thinks it all should have gone to HER..and wants to screw the boys over. Ain't gonna happen, thanks to the wording of the will. Methinks Mr. Boss was smarter than I thought....greedy, he wasn't, but apparantly knew her better than we did) "Income of the Trust"...that would be the investments the Fiducary Trustee has made (Wall Street.....:snickers: :ducks the lightening that will surely strike me any minute: (Sorry, Lord - really I am!))

:sigh: Fun in the big city!

Friday starts our Winter Holidays - we're off until Jan 5. We have to come in the morning of Dec 22, to get some contract work done - but it never takes that long; I'll be outta here by noon. Got a lunch date, then a MRI.....:whee:
Tags: blather, country life

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