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Random Thursday...

Brace yourself..this is going to be a wild ride. Lots'a stream of conciousness stuff here....

Herself: Doc added a new prescription to the mix - Risperdal. I need to look it up, but it seems to be pretty common among the ASD crowd. It's supposed to help her appetite (she has None) and sleeping (I..think). She's still on the Vyvance and Imp...whatever.

The harrassment at school seems to be improved - we'll see. The doc wrote a formal diagnosis of Asberger's, with ADHD and a hx of Trich. (Not sure what the "hx" means; I've been keeping the hair pulling (Trich) under control with Fish Oil capsules (and Flax Seed Oil.....the Fish Oil is recommended; I figured the Flax Seed wouldn't hurt). She's no longer got a bald spot, so *something's* working!

The wheel stork left CA yesterday, and is due to deliver my lovely Production Wheel next Tuesday.....yeah, the day I was supposed to go to Social Security and TxDOT to get my Driver's License taken care of. Hmmm.......Wheel Stork or Name Change? Wheel Stork or Name Change? :evil grin: I'm thinking the SS office will be open on Wednesday.......:lol: (Priorities - I got 'em! :roflmao:)

We are having the *weirdest* weather out here - Sunday, it was 80*; Monday it was 29*. Today, we have a very dense fog - visibility was MAYBE 30 feet. It's all dark and dreary out now....and it's supposed to be 70* by Saturday (and.....26* on Monday. Welcome to Texas! If you don't like the weather, stick around - it'll change!) Hopefully the bugs'll die off.....

Haven't been blathering about my hair much....'cause not much has been going on. I haven't done a cassia treatment in...months. Need to....just need to find the time on a day that the temp isn't ridiculous. (I need to do the first rinse outside, so as to not clog the drain with the cassia mud. :grin:) Hair is still hanging out at about 3" above's been stalled there for *months*. :sigh: I just keep wet bunning it every morning, then taking it down and braiding it every evening...maybe by Spring it'll surprise me.

I did order 2 Flexi-8's yesterday - a small and an extra-small. Hopefully, neither one will be too big. (My hair is very fine, and very thin......seriously, I have a hard time finding something other than a hair fork that will hold it up. My Ficcares hold...but only if ALL my hair is up in a bun or french twist - and they're SMALLS.) Both are Celtic....1 has green stones, the, I think. :grin:

I'm trying to decide if I want a few more hair forks. Those hold my hair like iron.....yes, I have quite a few, but.....I love Baerries' stuff, and 60th Street's, and..well, I think I'd like a couple more. We'll see....the Baerries' ones are much more dressy than the 60th Street, and I only have 3 of those. Of course, there's always Monk the Monk's stuff, too...see the dilemma? :lol:

Think that's all....for the moment. We'll see. :grin:
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