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Sorry 'bout that...

seems Sweet Geek wanted needed to clean the bathroom, only he couldn't until *I* had taken a shower. Seems you can't clean if someone's gonna immediately use it.....:???:

There was a cat in the chicken run last night. Poor thing was huddled on top of the coop, scared out of his wits. Not sure what the hens had done to him - when I opened the gate he went bonkers trying to get out. He came in over the top, thru a small gap in the netting. It's fixed now....hopefully. :grin:

Chanukah starts tonight....the table is set, the menorah is ready to go. The kids haven't made it home from G'ma's yet - soon as they do, we'll get supper started. (Right now we watching Prince Caspian (again). It sure is a LOT different from the book...but if I ignore that, it's a good action/adventure/fantasy flick.

MRI tomorrow....can't wait /sarcasm
Tags: blather, country life

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