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Hoo Boy!

OK...I had no idea that moving up from a 24" wheel to a 29" wheel was so difficult. I sat down and did Alden's formulas (in The Book.....) to figure out my ratios, then I picked the closet one to my "standard" on the Norwegian. Why? Because I decided to break her in with the kilt hose yarn. I have a *ton* to go thru, and I need to, get 'er done.....and all I can say is: This lovely lady is FAST. If I treadle at my normal, mindless pace, I get wire. At the moment, I can't speed up my draft - so I have to concentrate on slowing down my foot. That's HARD.

It's a Lovely wheel - very Plain Jane, but gorgeous all the same. She's a light maple - very, very pale next to my other 2 wheels, and Huge. :grin: When I unpacked the box, I wondered at the Zoom Spout machine oil - Alden has always, ALWAYS impressed on me the importance of 30W oil - but the sight of the lovely wood made it plain. 30W would darken the wood in an unsightly manner.

I haven't done a lot of spinning on her - we hit Wallyworld 2x today. First for groceries, then we went back to improve the kids' wardrobes (underwear and socks - we had none. I think they're under the beds - but if you think I'm gonna go there, you're crazy! :lol: However, in the 15 minutes or so I've spent on her I've managed to put 1 good layer on the bobbin. I figure I can, once I get used to the speed, fill a bobbin in...20 minutes? 30?

Anyway, I gotta go - I have to get cozy with the new wheel! (Yeah - pictures will come, once I get around to taking them. :grin:)
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