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Busy weekend started early...

This is why I (sorta) dislike long weekends.....:grin: We have to sit around and wait on Sears (take 2.....right) so...
the kids and I cleaned out the pantry. :ugh: The mice had gotten into it - all my pasta and boxed stuff had to be tossed, but the canned goods were OK. We unloaded *everything* (now I can see what I still need to get), washed and bleached the pantry, then wiped the cans down with bleach water and put the back in some semblance of order. BIG job - I have a nice large-ish pantry, and it's pretty well stocked.

After Sweet Geek called Cust. *no*Service again, we hit Home Depot. (The service window is 8 to 5.....they told us it would be after lunch, so out we went)

We came home with the stuff to modify my current closet system.....same brand, only I didn't know that they've changed the dimensions since I bought mine 5 years ago. The old system drawers are 23" wide...the new ones? 24.5" wide. :sigh: So.....Sweet Geek is in the closet modifying the center unit. (A new one would cost $150+.....cheaper to buy new drawers and add spacers. But, more work) We bought 2 new (shallower) drawers, and want to use the old (deeper) ones - the new drawers were $30/each; the deeper ones, like what I have, are $60 each. :fun stuff: We also got some shelves (I had none) and new rods......he's been in there since 1:30, and we're still not much further along. At least it's Friday - I have no clue where the bed is at the moment, and we can't sleep until I get the clothes back in the closet where they belong. :grin:

I also got the paint to re-do the's the only room in the house Sweet Geek has asked me to re-do, so...OK. Gotta compromise, y'know? I don't mind - he wanted the walls to be a nice, soft sage green, which I like, and which will look really nice with the burgundy trim on the bedding. Plus, I'll *have* to get new curtains now :lol:.....burgundy. Just gotta find 'em cheap enough.

Better get back to the closet....I hear a bit of mumbling...:lol:
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