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It's Monday...

and I have a doctor's appt at 2. Fun stuff - I have to remember to bring the MRI films. We'll see if I succeed with that....

The kids' have cleaned up this Hannukah. Himself's "Big" prezzie was an Estes rocket kit - the space shuttle. He also got lots and lots of Legos, a book on the Cosmos (photos from the Hubble, among others), Bionicles, and clothes. Herself got some Origami kits (the "Big" one was an animal set), art supplies, an easel, sketch pads, and other craft stuffs. Me? Sweet Geek got me the Knitpicks Harmony Options set, and some DPN WIP tubes (they're.....OK, let me try to explain this. DPNs = Double Pointed Needles, you use them to knit tubes (think socks/hats/gloves). WIP = Work In Progress. These tubes are laminated cardboard tubes (think smaller diameter paper towel tubes) with a slit cut into the side. You take your sock-in-progress (for example), stick the needles into the tube with the sock coming out of the slit, and slide the other tube over the open in. They keep your needles together, and keep the sock from coming OFF of the needles. They're wonderful! :grin: I also got a new griddle, a blanket, some rosewood DPNs, and 2 socks worth of sock yarn. Mmmmmmmmmmmm - sock yarn. Gotta get my wrist in shape so I can knit 'em up!

The bedroom is as tidy as I can do it for the moment. I need to get some bookcases - I have books *everywhere*. I'll be painting tomorrow - I would have started now, but don't want to stop in the middle. :sigh: I've got a 55 gallon bag full of clothes to donate, plus we're going to donate the (formally ugly) dresser. And the "extra" sofa (the love seat is in the bedroom, but I want it OUT. So - the 2nd sofa is a goner.)

Today's plans: Hit Home Depot for a pint of paint and 2 pints of glaze (the paint we bought Friday is the perfect color, but I'm thinking it's a bit, I'll get a pint of the next lightest color, thin it with 2 pints of glaze, and sponge it over to lighten and brighten and add visual interest. Plus, I HATE flat wall colors...), then go to JoAnn's for crafty stuff (Herself has $$ to spend. :grin:), visit my Doc, then hit Wallyworld so the kids can spend their gift cards - and to see if I can't find some bookcases. Whee!

Tomorrow: The Big Paint Project. Since I'm painting a solid color, it shouldn't take too long (I'm estimating 4 hours.......we'll see. Wednesday will be the big clean up....then we'll have the rest of the week to relax. Finally. :lol:
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