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because I repainted my bedroom and bath today. I started at 6:30 AM, stopped at 8-ish for breakfast, and again at 12 for lunch and more paint (Sweet Geek decided that the doors needed to be painted, as well...and I didn't buy enough bright white to do those AND the trim :sigh:)....finally finished at 4:45. The room's a disaster, so no pics as of yet - but I LOVE the new color.

The walls are a nice, deep, moss shade (Ralph Lauren's Denbury, if you wanna play along); the trim and doors are a semi-gloss white. Granted, the moss isn't exact (only, it really is, but Home Depot has to say it isn't since I didn't pay the premium price :snicker:)- I refuse to pay $30/gallon for Paint. :sheesh: $16/gallon Glidden is good enough - and still more than I'd like to pay. I like the $6/gallon stuff - but I will admit that I LOVE the Glidden - 1 coat and I was DONE. Lovely stuff.

I'll try to take photos of the new wheel tomorrow - I'm too beat to even SPIN tonight. (Don't ask about the bathroom - the jury's out. I don't know WHAT I was thinking.....sponging 2 shades of green on the walls. Yeah......I'm trying to think of a way to salvage it without repainting.....maybe a chair rail with the darker green on the bottom, and the sponged stuff on top, and a nice border.......)
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