Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

OK, fasten your seatbelts....

I promised you pictures, and I HAVE pictures. Of many things. :grin: (Yes, I am a tease. :lol:) So...this'll be long, and picture-heavy.

First up, the Fish Hat - yup, I finished it. It's....well....look:

Yes, it's silly, and Herself LOVES it. She wants to wear it to school tomorrow, even though I've warned her she'll probably get teased. Makes me happy and sad at the same time, y'know?

Moving on - here's the room transformation. First, the Old Room:

Now, I give you the NEW bedroom:

I know I said that I was repainting because Sweet Geek asked me to...but I lied. The REAL reason I repainted the bedroom was so that I'd have the perfect backdrop for this:

Yup - my new AA Production wheel. This lady kicks butt and takes names......and man, am I intimidated by her. She is FAST, and efficient and........pretty. Like all Alden's stuff.

Here's a comparison of her and my AA Norwegian. The Norwegian isn't THAT small of a wheel....but it's *dwarfed* by the Production model.

That's the bobbin size comparison. Again, the Norwegian's bobbins aren't that small - they're almost the same size as an Ashford bobbin.

I won't add any more photos - if you go to my LJ Scrapbook, under Spinning:AA Production wheel, there's more. I don't want to bog down your pages too long. :lol:
Tags: hats, knitting, pictures, spinning

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