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New Year's Asperations...

It was 33* last night at 6.....and 35* this AM at 4:30. Not sure how that works, but.....Welcome to Texas! :lol:

Got the kids' riding helmets last night - they were underwhelmed. :grin: Himself was a bit excited - now he can ride! Whenever!...Herself, not so much. Ah, well....

No resolutions this year, and I don't like "goals". Once I accomplish them, I'm done...and the stuff goes back the way it was. I'm taking a page from Anna here - Asperations. In 2009, I aspire to:

Lose weight - I'd like to lose the 20 pounds I somehow have acquired. Back to seriously low-carbing.

Actually *finish* the projects I start. This one is laughable.....I am NOT a monogamous project person. Still, it's worth a shot.

Keep my purse, knitting bag, and Jeep clean. Again, laughable, but I'm gonna try.

Put in a garden, and actually *eat* something from it.

Keep the house such that Sweet Geek doesn't feel the need to clean. Yes, HE cleans. Does windows, too....that's why I'm keeping him! :lol:

Work with the horses at least 2 days a week (trying to be realistic, here!) We have 5 horses (and 1 blind pony), of which only 2 are totally ridable. 1 other is very green (you can ride her, but you have to know what you're doing) - she's very, very preggers,, riding's not happening so much.

Along the same lines, get the kids riding.

Spin at least 3 hours a week (again...keeping it real!)

Weave MORE.

That's all I've come up with so far.
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