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Tired but happy!

*sigh* Back home again. So tired......BUT - I lured 2 pre-teens over to the dark side bwahhahahahaha! I guess my first "real" demo was a success!

Got to the library at a little after 8. Got my packet, and found out they put me on the stage (forgot to put my name in lights, though). Took the AA wheel in first, because, well, just because. Got her set up, and immediately got "attacked" by another spinner. (The first, incidentally, I've run into out here). She was amazed, impressed and very chatty. *g* Finally got to go haul in the rest of the stuff -the loom, the card table (glad I thought to bring it - they had a full size table set up, and there was *no* room for me and my wheel.), the wool, the other wool, the yarn, the Ashford Joy, and got everything situated just so.

Just in time too - I finished at 9:45, and the doors opened at 10. They had me in the same room as a rug hooker, a soap and candle maker, and the quilting group. We drew *lots* of attention - mostly for me and the quilters. *g* Lots of pictures were taken - some by the local paper, some by interested people. The rug hooker has an antique wheel in her barn (ACK!) and I am going out there next Saturday to check it out for her and teach her the basics. One of the quilters used to weave....I couldn't entice her to be my weaver, though.

Since Himself abandoned me for another woman (Grandma had a toy show to go too....fickle child! *g*) I had a loom but no demo-er. So, I warped it last night and decided to turn people loose on it. The soap maker came over to look, I told her I could have her weaving in under 5 minutes (she didn't believe me), she said "Yeah. Show me." 3 minutes later she was weaving away. We drew quite a crowd, so she went back to peddle soaps and I grabbed the closet kid and turned him loose. Much fun and learning occured - I am surprized at how many people wanted to weave. We may have a bunch of new weavers entering the market pretty soon!

At 11, I had to move to the "demo" tent outside. I hauled the Joy out, but only had 3 or 4 interested people. The other spinner brought out her drop spindle and her English Sheepdog fur - that was fun. We went back inside at 11:45, and then broke for lunch.

About 12:15, a pre-teen came up, asked about the loom, so I showed her what to do and went back to spinning. She wover for about 5 minutes, left, came back, wove, left....finally at 1:30 she asked if she could be my weaver. Sure! She spent the next 3 hours weaving...and finished the scarf. I cut it off the loom, tied the fringes, and sent it home with her. She was thrilled! She tried her hand at spinning, and decided the AA was *much* better than the Ashford (Yup. Indeed!), but I didn't send a wheel home with her. *g*

The funniest thing happened around 2. There was a 3rd spinner there, but she only spins here, once a year. She came to ME and asked about her carding technique. I have to laugh - I don't consider myself an expert at all, and I think my handcarding skills need work - SHE asked ME for advice! She got my info, so maybe I'll be hearing from her. That would be great - it's fun to spin with like-minded people.

Other spinner #1 wants to come out and test drive my wheels. *g* She only has spindles, and wants to get a wheel to speed up the plying. I only have Ashfords and Amos wheels, but that's ok. Ashfords are *everywhere*, and she can at least get an idea of what she wants and needs in a wheel. (She tried the Joy, but was unimpressed. Me's not a very efficient wheel, especially when compared to the AA)

Packed up at 4. Got most of my pastor's wool spun up and plied. Loom is empty. I am tired. Soon as the kids go down, I'm out! At least it was a good day! AND I met other spinners!
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