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Today was Dr. Day... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

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Previous Entry Today was Dr. Day... Jan. 9th, 2009 @ 08:40 am Next Entry
and it went about as I expected. Warning - there WILL be ranting. Just so's you know. :sigh:

So....I had the EMG last Friday. When I went to Dr. S last Monday, he told the nurse to set up the EMG, then set up my follow-up appointment. Right. The EMG was set for Friday; the nurse asked Dr. S. when to set me up. "Let's see" (I overheard this, so it's not hearsay) "we should have the results on Wednesday, so set her up for Friday". Right. Friday - today. Jan. 9. Got it?

They didn't. They "supposedly" had me down for Wednesday, Jan. 7. So.....after a kerfluffle in the office between me, the nurse, and the receptionist (I was very apologetic, you understand - NOT upset. Just confused. :grin:), they took me back. The nurse was obviously Pissed - muttering about his schedule being off track already - and I played the very sorry patient. Doc comes in, opens my chart - and the EMG report isn't there. He goes out and tells the nurse to go get it. Nurse comes in, looks at the chart, goes out....comes back a bit meek, and told me "Today's our lucky day - it was just put in my box * YESTERDAY *" (emphasis mine - he dropped his head and kinda ooops-ied it out. :lol:) (So....tell me how I can have an appt. set the DAY BEFORE the results are ready???? That's why the doc said Friday, dumbass!)

Doc comes back in. Report isn't bad - I'm at the very high end of normal on my responses (normal is .60 to .63...my lowest was .69 - the rest were all in the .73+) - and he does a physical check on the wrist. Hmmmm.....since all my pain (for the last *5* years, I'd like to note, when all this began) has been on the OUTSIDE of the joint, he decides to start there. Low and behold, I have a "goober" on the joint. (Ya think that's where the pain is coming from????) It's a "large goober". He goes to the right wrist - "No goober". :bangs head: Oh - and he can't feel the cyst now (but I can, especially when I bend my wrist. It's like a.....bump or rough spot on the joint and it's....squishy when I try to bend the wrist back. Hard to explain, but there's *something* there.) - he said I might have "popped" it - it happens. :shrug: (He didn't, however, tell me if that's a good thing or a bad thing. :sigh:)

Now, you'd think he'd want to, I dunno, DO SOMETHING about the goober, right? Only, you'd be wrong - I have to do range of motion exercises (I must note here, we tried those 5 years ago, too.....and they simply made the pain WORSE), and come back in 4 weeks to see how it's going. :looks for axe: He also tried to prescribe me some anti-inflammatories for the pain. :bangs head again and looks for liquor: I had to remind him that I AM ALLERGIC TO ALL PAIN MEDS AND MOST ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES, and HE'S the one that found that out for me. ("Wow. Well, what do you do for pain, then?" "Don't you remember - the last surgery we had to do completly without any pain meds? Because I was breaking out in hives and barfin' 'em up faster than I could take 'em????" :dumbass:)

So, let me give a prediction: in 4 weeks, the pain *will* be worse (heck, it gets worse day to day, so that's not really a stretch). Doc will hem and haw, and probably order another test or 2 or 3. I'll have to come back in.....oh, let's be optomistic here and say 2 weeks, when he MIGHT finally schedule surgery. IF I'm lucky, it'll be within a month of *that*. :sigh:

Oh, and the "exercises"? Normal wrist movement stuff. The "finger exercises" are what I do when I type (gee...work much??) and the wrist movements occur when I: ride. knit. cook. read. do stuff. :bangs head:

This is beyond ridiculous. The only thing is, I've tried going to other doctors - with my history, NO ONE wants to touch it. Dr. S. is the "best" wrist and hand doctor in this area...he's just an ass. :sigh: OH, and the BEST part? "If it hurts, don't do it". Yeah. I.......yeah.
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Date:January 9th, 2009 08:28 pm (UTC)

Feel your frustration

I swear doctor's, especially male doctor's, have absolutely no clue what it takes to get through the day in the average working mom's life. I still remember the neurologist who did my EMG telling me "If it hurts, just don't use it (my right arm)". I'm right handed, had a 2 and a 6 year old at the time, a job that kept us fed, housed & clothed and that required me to use a keyboard and mouse 5 days a week. I asked him exactly how I was supposed to prepare food for my kids, change my 2 year old's diaper or keep my job without using my right arm since I didn't have a nanny, cook or trust fund. He hemmed and hawed and finally said, well try to use it as little as possible. Idiots!

My suggestion, don't wait the 4 weeks. Call back next week and tell him that the exercises are making the pain worse and not in a good way. And insist that he see you to discuss a new treatment plan and possible surgery.
(spin a yarn)
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